Be a Difference Maker!

Would you consider making a difference and helping us reach our goals to complete this project?

What is The Waymaker Project?

The Waymaker Project is Cross Timbers’ solution to an area exploding in growth, a changing culture and the growing needs of our community. Cross Timbers will be building a new facility, a “hub,” located at 1171 and 377 to equip and launch the next movement of Difference Makers. Experts are anticipating the traffic estimate at that corner will be over 100k cars a day when road construction is complete in a few years.


  • spread the gospel message to a growing area
  • meet the needs of the community 7 days a week
  • reach a changing culture in a new way
  • provide a facility that will encourage connection and bring people together
  • offer a place to host church services, workshops, meetings, parties, concerts, serve the city, and build community

Looking ahead to what's next

Please join us for one of our upcoming Vision Nights to hear about the heart behind The Waymaker Project. Learn how it impacts the future of Cross Timbers Church and our growing community.

Each of the following events takes place at our Argyle campus from 6:15pm – 7:30pm.

Dinner will be served. Childcare is available at no cost. Feel free to invite someone you know who may be interested in this project. Click the button below to register.

Make a Pledge

The first and most important step to getting involved is to ask God and prayerfully consider what He is leading you to do. If He is moving you towards being a part of something bigger, boldly step into that calling.

If God is calling you to make a 3-year financial commitment to the Waymaker Project, use this link below to submit your pledge to the project. This allows us to keep the project on budget and provide encouragement and status updates to those who have committed to join us on this journey.

Design a Plan for Generous Giving

As an expression of faith and commitment to God, many members make their commitment a priority during capital campaigns. As you prayerfully determine your strategy for supporting the Waymaker project, consider these options to design a plan for generous giving.

Cash commitments are the most common way to make gifts over and above first fruits.  When developing your strategy for generous giving, keep in mind that the commitment period is three years.

Giving of assets (non-cash resources) can be a significant option in planning your generous giving strategy.  Appreciated stocks, mutual fund shares, bonds or real estate can be donated directly and offers the benefit of avoiding capital gains taxes while increasing giving potential. Contact for more information.

Some business owners have committed corporate resources as well as personal gifts. A “tithe” from total sales one day a week during the campaign period is an example of this strategy.

Individuals and families often decide to take a less expensive vacation or delay buying a new car or remodeling a home in order to have more to give. Others use cash already set aside to purchase a lake cabin or build a swimming pool to increase their commitment.

When substantial commitments such as mortgage payments or college tuition are complete, diverting those resources to the Waymaker project can increase your commitment significantly.

A larger commitment based on anticipated income increases over the three-year commitment period can increase generosity. Consider expected salary increases, overtime possibilities or planned bonuses from employment contracts.

Cash received from an inheritance or income tax refund can greatly increase your campaign commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Waymaker Project has been slowly developing behind the scenes since 2016. At this point, approximately $30 million, which is about half of the overall project estimate, has been committed by just a handful of families.

It could be easy to look around and wonder why we would need to relocate and move away from our current building. The reality is, this area will continue to grow, traffic will increase and the congestion in our building and in our parking lot will get worse. The Waymaker Project is not about what is around us or a part of us today. It is about all that is coming. The project will take a few years, and it’s time to move into this next phase.

We have a team exploring options for the existing campus which could include selling the property to help fund the new building or keeping it for future ministry use. Ultimately, we are open to whatever direction God has for the facility.

Our goal is to complete this project debt-free. If necessary, we will adjust the size, scope and phases of the project to meet this objective.

This is a large, complex project so we believe it will take approximately three years from the time we begin the final round of design in 2020. Our goal is to move in December of 2022.

This corner is projected to be near the center of the population growth with 100,000+ people driving through that intersection every day. The corner also provides access to two major roads to assist smooth entry and exit.

We’ll incorporate multiple indoor and outdoor spaces where families can come to play, work, meet friends and enjoy events, classes and entertainment. We envision possibilities like playgrounds, meeting space, green space for concerts and outdoor movies, splash pads and more so Cross Timbers can be a gathering place for our local community.

We believe God will provide exactly what is needed to fulfill His plan for this project. If we don’t receive the entire $60m, then we will seek His guidance to determine how we scale back the project or complete it in multiple phases.

The $60m budget includes everything – design, permitting, construction, infrastructure, landscaping, furnishings, audio-visual, and more.

Yes, we will likely start before the 377 expansion and may finish before the 377 expansion is complete. The current design places the campus on 1171, roughly 200 yards west of 377, so we don’t expect major disruption during construction.

We plan to begin the final phase of design in the Spring of 2020. Once the final design details are complete, we will begin to share those designs throughout 2020.

Once the final designs and master plan are complete, then we’ll begin to discuss the remainder of the project with developers, investors, potential tenants, etc.

The Denton Campus is located in one of the fastest growing areas of Texas. We believe it will continue to grow and thrive. The Argyle Campus will act as a hub to launch people and resources into North Texas to be Difference Makers in God’s Kingdom. The goal is to position the Denton Campus and future Ministry Centers to be ready for the growth and the needs that accompany that growth.

For 2020, we will not have a Celebration Offering. If you are planning a celebration offering gift this year, we encourage you to consider designating your gift to The Waymaker Project.

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